Software Development/Engineering .NET/ASP.NET/.NETCF/C#/C++/Xamarin

Web Projects

EmpireSoft has contributed to the following projects


  • ROCM - Intranet, ASP.NET C# 2.0 - Created a web reporting tool for foreman/supervisor - with LDAP authentication, by projects, by date, by machine, by priority, with attachments, photos, e-mail notification of changes on key data and linked files. A search interface, where requests are saved and reusable. A administration and users portal with possibility of creating new projects and folder tracking.
  • PME-WEB - Web site (CMS) for SMB highly configurable and content manageable - create product catalogs, categories, news and about us;
  • CSPP-eCommerce - eCommerce web site for SMB highly configurable, content management, many features: add products with detailed description, user/member signup, basic and advanced search, e-basket, product compare, online payment, survey, customer review, etc...
  • LetsManage.Net - Intranet, ASP.NET/C# LetsManage.Net - Our change management software and evaluate opportunities: with user authentication, administration, workflow definition, notifications and reminders, user rights management, template and document attachment, with order of execution and final acceptance.
  • SpecSheet.Net - Intranet, ASP.NET/C# - Product specifications for production and delivery departments for manufacturing, transportation, assembly, etc... type of departments : it allows precision in primary resources, product assembly, receipe/procedure/process for prepare and wrap, all specifications, checklist, quality control, log/monitor of changes,... ;