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Beware! Scam! CanadianVesselRegistry.ca Fake Transport Canada

I just had a typical website scam experience with https://canadianvesselregistry.ca/

totally non-refundable;

you must pay FULLY AND BEFORE service is prepared and submitted;

the website is not certified nor an approved service/third-party with Transport Canada;

they ask to first sign a blank form (while they have all of my credit card information);

the blank form is a fake from Transport Canada;

I’ve asked form be completed first before I sign - which is generally the accepted way of doing - and they refused;

They threatened if I don’t sign the blank form, they will put end to my demand AND NOT refund me;

I called Transport Canada Vessel Registration. They said having received many complaints about https://canadianvesselregistry.ca/.

All Transport Canada forms are found here: http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/marinesafety/oep-vesselreg-registration-menu-4432.html

And Transport Canada charge way less then https://canadianvesselregistry.ca/.

Beware! Do not use that website!